Welcome We are a group of people who have joined us to know Blender, the free software Blender 3D to create a community of Catalonia. With the aim of strengthening the community we thought it only had to mention the free software Blender but usually because we use other software under one common denominator: free and open source. Therefore, we decided to step up and we did a major change in the community, we stopped only to tell Blender and now provide much more information about free software, with lectures, symposia, workshops and master classes according the specialty of the speaker. However, we wanted to keep the original name BLENDERCAT that really is the common link of the community, this means that users are Blender among others. Blendercat born from a combination of two words formed by the Blender 3Dprogram and geographic location of the Blender community in Catalonia.

  • The Blender is a software platform and free, especially devoted to modeling,animation and the creation of three-dimensional graphics.( Download the program go to
  • The CAT is to define the group of users in Catalonia Blender as a community trying to promote the use of free software tools and especially Blender.

To organize and promote Blendercat we found at least twice a year but moreimportant is its length in April. I want to be partner: read first What kind of partner I want to be If you come to Blendercat can have access to:

  • Workshops and conferences on Blender
  • 3D Masterclass
  • Creation of 3D audiovisual (blendercat challenge)
  • Private Forum (for the user you registered blendercat)
  • Blendercat official magazine
  • tutorials With the aid community (Blendercat farm).
  • Participate in the organization

If you would like to contact: