The project

Why this project?
The idea for this project came from the finding of lack of audiovisual material like this in Catalan, although there were a large number in the network in Castilian. From Blendercat already a couple of years to assemble the web to help cover the lack of knowledge of Blender associative level ii now we want to go a step further with this series of capsules reference to encompass all aspects of free software. Thus, then, we can contribute to the philosophy of free software

The title of the idea that the Internet search about free software is dispersed, in English and Castilian majority and when you find nothing in Catalan is strictly on Linux. We can say, then, that using the same search terms, with the tail in the series, we are implying that it is a program and tv, type reports little about everything that encompasses the p.lliure.

The idea is 20 chapters of 5 minutes per season.
The contents will suggest various programs and OS to create a set of guidelines for free software that reflects the professional and amateur use of this software.
Each chapter consists of a brief description of two or three programs explaining their use and an interview to a user on a fourth program that may or may not have mentioned before. At the end of the program, a moment’s thought about a slogan or phrase of some guru of free software movement.

Yes, we have calculated that between travel, subsistence and miscellaneous expenses could get to do one chapter for 75 euros. 75 x20u = a € 1500 we requested for the project.
In those we spend?: Basically in shifts; Petrol (40 €) and peage (9 €). Diets (24 €, 8 € menu x 3 people, 2 of the team and the interviewee.) Oh, and coffee (2 €), if not, no rendimos.TOTAL € 75.

Who makes up the project team?
Idea, screenplay and direction – Marçal Mora
Implementation and post-production – Technical Equipment TV Calella
Barbara Escobar – Presenter
Graphics and graphic design – Abraham Castilla
Advisory Chapters – Xavier Gassó
Contributors: Partners Blendercat / Allied free software (varies by agenda item).

It will make a first appearance in the series in September 2013 at the Fair Alt Maresme in the town of Calella. The event will be hosted by TV Calella and invite patrons and will take place in the projection booth of the fair, in the Paseo Puigvert Calella. Engage the team responsible for the reports, guests of the program and staff that has worked.

I can help in any other way?
Whether ye patron or not, we can help spread the most of this project from your contacts. There are several ways to spread:
· Through our website www.blendercat.orgr
· Publishing a notice in your blog or web ·
Following the twits the Blendercat: @ blendercat2012

First project AUDIOVISUAL of Blendercat?
Not at all. In Blendercat have extensive experience publishing audiovisual material, doing intros for TV shows, Infographics for the Challenge, Presentations and videomappings to Festimatge. You can see some samples in ::

Videomapping in the City Hall on the occasion of Festimatge Calella 2012
Intros of travel for the sporting event of the Triathlon, Challenge Maresme Costa Brava
Flashmob for TV3 Telethon school Pia de Calella
Short christening commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Giants and Calella Grallers

To access a job you must present your qualifications. Regarding computer skills are ICT. Which today can get you the certificate if you want a diploma.

Training in information technology and communication is one of the highest priorities of this century. In recent years gradually increased the number of courses offered, the volume of registrations is increasing in each center and, according to the evolution of new technologies, adding new monographs and workshops taught anywhere.

But for the free software today is still not completely solved. For this reason and for the record that there are classes of programs, eg 3D, licensed but are too costly (an average of € 8,000 per course) we present the Blender community in Catalonia or what is the Blendercat same. Thanks to the meetings of the association, give courses and workshops at low cost with the intention of offering quality and expertise in teaching these tools.

BLENDERCAT but has been surpassed their expectations and the philosophy of free software, it is also open to all kinds of software and not exclusively the Blender, although we specialize.

The creation of a number of free software is one of these examples are not exclusive.