About team

We are a group of people who have joined us to learn Blender, the free software Blender 3D to create a community in Catalonia. With the intention of strengthening the community we thought it only had to mention the free software Blender but usually because we use other software under one common denominator: Free and open source

To organize and promote Blendercat we found at least twice a year but the most important is the duration in April. If you come to Blendercat can access: Workshops and conferences on Blender master 3D Creating 3D audiovisual Challenge Blendercat (audiovisual projects to promote the Blendercat) Private Forum (Only for registered users of Blendercat) Official Journal Blendercat tutorials Support group in the community (Blendercat Niel3D). Participate in the organization If you wish to contact: blendercat@blendercat.org want to make my partner: read first what kind of partner I want to be