(Català) Blender

Blender is a complete suite of free 3D software open source that not only has tools for creating 3D content, but it It has tools and functions for the creation and development of interactive applications, games, simulations, video editing, special effects, video post-production, … and can develop complete projects without additional software no programming skills. The professional application that Blender is more recognized worldwide and covers all areas of digital arts, plus unexpected fields in which every day are developed new uses for a variety of tasks such as interactivity. Blender is developed by the officially-you-Blender Foundation is actively implementing new features every day, and extra officially by many developers around the world.

The best feature of Blender code is being open and that allows everyone who wants to and has knowledge, can modify and alter the functions for their advantage, allowing it to freely develop new options and tools for software im-plementarlas. Blender is complemented nicely with other free software 2D image manipulation or vector as: Gimp, Inkscape, MyPaint, MeshLab, … With those projects could be very viable professional economically. Today it is an advantage for all kinds of users stay up to date on the use and development of software-tion is thus allow projects freely without licensing costs, or resort to piracy or in-fringir any rights law. Behind the Open Source (free software) is a great world community very accessible and firmly believe in philosophy and ethics of sharing freely, thanks to new information technologies will generate a whirlwind ra growing world in which access to knowledge is a constant reality